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Some questions that should be asked:-

Is the Breeder a member of a registry? Ask for registry membership number?
Is the Sire and Dam registered? Will the puppies be registered with the registry?
Will the puppy be micro chipped? (Mandatory for KUSA registration)
Ask to see the Pedigree of both the Sire and Dam
Ask to see the puppy whilst still with its litter mates and mother. Ask to see the Sire to as certain character traits and conformation. The environment, in which the puppy spends its first 6 weeks, plays an important role in the development of its personality. See the Kennels for yourself or ask for references from previous clients.

Confirm that the puppy will be inoculated and dewormed. Ask to see the vaccination record of the dam.
Deposits to confirm the order of a puppy should only be paid, after you have done all the necessary background checks and satisfied yourself that all is above board.

NB. It is always the wait worth to be put on a waiting list if the breeder of your choice does not have puppies available, do not settle for second best!!!!

What to ask a breeder before a purchase
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