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We do not take responsibility for any advertisers on this website, All dogs are created by GOD we can not place  guarantees on God’s creatures


Beware of  scams and puppy farmers 

Man people see the opportunity to scam innocent people by placing fraudulent ads on free websites that do not confirm the breeder’s background. They often claim that their puppies are registered. Most of the scammers are not even in South Africa, but in other countries, they have unbelievable cheap puppies of popular and “rare” breeds. After a puppy is “booked” and sometime paid in full they ship the puppy, and it get stuck in Botswana or wherever, and the client has to pay for the release and the price gets more and more. There is also a disturbing trend of using popular South African names and phone numbers. And be aware of ads with broken English and e-mails with poor grammar. If unsure google the e-mail address and you’ll most of the times will find out fast if the “breeder” is a scammer, the e-mail address is most of the times on a scam database.

Only buy dogs from registered breeder from well known South African registrars.


At responsible breeders we pride ourselves on confirming the membership number of all breeders posted on the site.


Quick tips to spot a scam artist dealing with fake puppies / dogs

Missionary/minister/charity worker posts ad for free pedigree puppy using a free email address.
The owner has taken the time to haul a beloved pet on a world tour but now decides to give the pet away instead.

The owner claims the pet is completely up-to-date with all possible vaccinations, even those that don't affect this type of pet.

Unfortunately, the owner can't remember the name of their vet, the street address or phone number for the potential buyer to verify the vaccinations.

The owner sends along beautiful, glossy, professional magazine quality photos.

The owner has constant Internet and phone service no matter how rural an area he claims to be located in.

Even though the owner has Internet access, he can't possibly accept a deposit from an online banking website or PayPal.

Says that the beloved pet will show up at your airport within a day of being shipped from some international airport.

The seller knows the airline will accept the pet even though airlines have varying rules on pet travel and rarely allow pets to just be shipped without anyone accompanying the poor animal.

The owner has prayed for such a person to send him money via Western Union or money gram for his 'pet'.

The seller is talk circle around you when asking to meet.

The seller does not have very good English abilities, his spelling is horrible.

The seller does not know the correct name of the breed registry in South Africa and can’t provide a member number, or the member number is registered in some else’s name ( Remember they sometimes steal members details.

One way of checking the sellers details is to Google the e-mail address.

Report a scam here and we will make others aware of it

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