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Responsible breeders pledge

I agree and commit to being a responsible Dog Breeder. I accept that this means adhering to

the following points:

I will not disadvantage my family in any way by having dogs that I cannot afford or manage, I will also not manage more than 3 breeds of dogs.

I accept and will adhere to public health, nuisance and animal protection laws and by-laws of my city.

I will take proper care of my dogs - make sure that they are properly fed and watered, have adequate space, exercise and shelter, that they are vaccinated, receive any necessary veterinary care, and are kept free of parasites. I will make sure all my puppies are free of visible defects and properly socialized.

I will clean up after my dogs, so as to be hygienic, not causing a health problem for my family, my dogs or my neighbours and community.

I will as far as possible, try to make sure that my dogs do not make so much noise that my neighbours will be disturbed, and will try to amicably resolve any dispute with my neighbours, arising from issues pertaining to the dogs under my care.

I will control or confine my dogs so that visitors, who I allow on to my property are not endangered.

I will, keep my dogs on my property so that they do not wander on to the street or other properties and become a danger, or nuisance, to traffic or other people or animals.

When I take my dogs out into public places I will keep them on a leash or control them so that they are not a danger or nuisance to other people or animals.

I will follow good breeding practice by only breeding, if I am reasonably sure that I will be able to find good homes for the puppies. I will have the puppies properly vaccinated, dewormed and positively identified before they go to their new homes. All puppies will be registered (entire litters) with the my registration agency and no application for late registration will be submitted by me.

If I have a female in season I will suitably confine her or take her to a boarding kennel so that she does not cause a disturbance to other animals in the neighbourhood. I will have good ethics in using the correct stud in mating.

If I find a stray pet I will immediately inform an animal welfare organisation or take it to a welfare organisation if I do not know who the owner is.

I will be legally responsible for my dogs’ actions.

I will hand over registration papers to all new owners of puppies that I sell.

I will abide by all rules and regulations set out by law and my kennel union.

In signing this document, I accept that I could lose my priviledge to advertise on Responsible breeder and to be known as a responsible breeder, if it is proved that I have transgressed any of the conditions listed.

I affirm that I have read and understood the full contents of the Accredited Breeders application form, including the contents of this declaration.

If you find any of the breeders on this site have violated these terms please do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can investigate the matter

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