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The Chihuahua probably originated in South America and is actually named after a state in Mexico. They are very brave dogs, and can put up with pain quite stoically, but does not accept check or insult from vastly larger dogs than themselves. They do not appreciate humans who invade their homes without permission. They will protect their home with all of their might.

Standing between 15 - 23 cm in either a soft glossy smooth coat, or silky long coat. This is the smallest breed of them all. They are very spirited  and intelligent dogs.

All colours are accepted, but fawn to red with white is the most common.All pure bred Chihuahua’s have a molere or fontanel, which is a soft spot on the head, like a baby (and some puppies) the spot will sometimes grow smaller over time. It is always a caution to never drop a Chihuahua on its head.

This is an alert breed with a loud bark that can sound rather like a duck quacking.

A Chihuahua owner will quickly learn to use a shuffling motion when walking, to prevent stepping on this little creature, however, Chihuahua’s are not a weak or delicate breed, in fact the opposite is true. This does not mean your Chihuahua can’t get seriously hurt when trampled on.

Chihuahua’s enjoy exercise and are extremely game, but families with young children must supervise the interaction between puppy and child carefully and consistent.

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