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LaGratitude Bullmastiffs

KUSA accredited Breeder reg. no. 171428

Sharon Malherbe

082 218 8933 0215310327


Cape Town



The Bullmastiff was developed by combining the Old English mastiff with the Bulldog, this combination produced the very effective protector the Bullmastiff is today.

We have several large breeds available today, the original duties of being a gamekeeper’s assistant has been long forgotten.

The Bullmastiff is incredibly faithful, and love to play with his owners in the park, he only needs medium exercise.

He has a fitting , hard coat which can be brindle, fawn or red. He does not need to have a great deal of time spent to have his coat groomed. He is muscular all over, and his head is reminiscent of the old-fashioned Bulldog of the nineteenth century, which had a longer snout than in today’s times, thus he does not suffer the breathing problems that besets some of the brachycephalic breeds and enjoys exercise without being over demanding.

The Bullmastiff male stands around 63.5 cm to 69 cm tall, and tipping the scale at 50-59 kg, while the females average between 61 - 66 cm weighing from 41 - 51 kg. This means they are big and powerful, he is not to be messed with, and does not suffer fools gladly, so he merits ownership to those who appreciate his cardinal virtue.

Bullmastiff puppies must be well socialized and trained to be the best Bullmastiff he can be.

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