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How long have you been breeding yorkies?

I have been breeding for 8 years now

Why did you choose to breed these dogs?

To be honest, I lost my child and realized that a yorkies is just like a child.

What is your opinion on backyard breeders?

No respect for what God put together.

What do you think is a responsible breeder?

It is a person that breeds with love, al my dogs are pure bred and I keep my vet cards up to date. I breed according to the KUSA standard and not for money, That is what I believe a responsible breeder entails.

How do you raise your puppies?

I keep my puppies until they are 10 weeks old, I give them all my love and attention. I teach them to be happy without their mommy.

Do you have a funny story about your yorkies?

Yes, my one Yorkies is just like a kid, if he can not mount a female at first, he starts whining and sounds just like baby, until you bring the female closer. He does the same when another yorkie is playing with his toys.

How many show titles do you have under your belt?

I have 15

What is your favorite part of breeding?

When people come and look at my Yorkies, and they tell me wow your kennels are beautiful and your yorkies are some of the best they’ve seen.

What is your advice for anyone interested in purchasing a yorkie?

To not to go for a too small yorkie, or to just go on weight, you get breeders who don’t feed their puppies enough and you think you are buying a tiny puppy, but instead you are being fooled. Look at the kennels of the breeder and find out as much as you can so you can make an informed choice.

Where did your love for dogs came from?

They took my loneliness away and just gives me so much pleasure.

Any last thoughts?

I breed for the love of yorkies and not for money.

Mealanie Yorkie Kennels


Email: malinda.pieterse@yahoo.com


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