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How long have you been breeding Shar Pei?

We have been breeding Shar Pei since 2005

Why did you choose to breed these dogs?

Liza wanted a Shar Pei after our long loved German Shepard passed away at age of 17 years.

What is your opinion on backyard breeders?

If dogs are not registered they should not be allowed to breed and sell. Should only breed on demand.

What do you think is a responsible breeder?

A responsible breeder is a breeder that knows the breed and its problems. Should plan his litters, and should only breed on demand. Must be very selective to whom he sells.

How do you raise your puppies?

Our puppies are all born inside our house, and raised on soft food from age of three weeks, with pellets and water always available, and yes plenty attention and love.

Do you have a funny story about your Shar Pei ?

With our Shar Pei family, we never have a dull moment, and their intelligence give us more than enough entertainment and laughter.

What is your favourite part of breeding?

When the new litter arrives. The surprising unexpected colours and characters.

Do you have any show result under your belt?

We do not participate in shows, due a very bad experience years ago when we were breeding with St. Bernards. Too much jealousy and politics involved. Our testimonials is our awards.

What is your advice for anyone interested in purchasing a shar pei ?

Ensure that the Shar Pei get tender loving care. Do not allow it to get aggresive. They have such beautiful temperaments


What myths are connected to Shar Pei ?(like pocket size yorkies etc...)

People belief that you must clean regularly between the wrinkles but this is untrue. Awash every now and then is enough.

Where did your love for dogs came from?

I grew up in a house with animals, and my parents were dog lovers.

Jaco & Liza From J & E Kennels
Once a Shar Pei owner, always a Shar Pei owner. 
Can not imagine life without a Shar Pei again.
Some of J&E Shar Pei in the 
Finesse photo shoot with the stars of 


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