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How long have you been breeding English Bulldogs?

Bulldog breeder for 12 years now

Why did you choose to breed these dogs?

I choose the breed because I fell in love with them 12 years ago when I saw them for the very first time.

What is your opinion on backyard breeders?

I hate backyard breeders, because they trying to make a quick buck and don't last.They only in it for the money nothing else!!!!

What do you think is a responsible breeder?

Who at all times put the breed first and research everything about their breed.

How do you raise your puppies?

Always with TLC-they are my kids.

Do you have a funny story about your English Bulldogs ?

Every moment with these gentle dogs are special and their personalities provide me with hours of laughter

What is your favourite part of breeding?

The part of the Caesarian,its like a lucky packet-you never know what's inside the packet until its open,ALWAYS A SURPRISE!!!

What is your advice for anyone interested in purchasing a Bulldog ?

Do your homework very well before purchasing a Bulldog


What myths are connected to English Bulldogs?(like pocket size yorkies etc...)

Cant think of any myths.All the stories about Bulldogs what I heard is and was true

Where did your love for dogs came from?

Since I can remember I am an animal lover.Especially dogs,they are always there for you,they care for you, they will always protect you,always happy to see us and they always shows appreciation,why not doing the same for them....

Monica From Lejandre Kennels