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How long have you been breeding Pomeranians?

30 years poms, and 44 years breeding, showing and  judging for 10 years now.

Why did you choose to breed these dogs?

Friendly, beautiful, cleaver and exquisite

What is your opinion on backyard breeders?

Do away with them all, they breed dogs without knowing what they are doing, and breed defective dogs and one’s with heredity defects.

What do you think is a responsible breeder?

Buy only from a breeder who only breeders to better his breed.

How do you raise your puppies?

In the house with love and excellent food, and care.

Do you have a funny story about your Poms?

I have a pom that can dance, some that smile, and one who likes to dribble her ball all over the garden

How many show titles do you have under your belt?

I have breed 30 champion poms, a best In how winner and many with group placing.

What is your favourite part of breeding?

The puppies are so cuddlesome and we all have such fun cuddling and playing with them, I also like to sell the puppies to people who also lovers of the breed;poms like I do.

What is your advice for anyone interested in purchasing a Pom?

Only buy from registered show people, who take a lot of time, money, care, and effect into making sure all there dogs are free from heredity deceases and will only breed to better their breed.

What myths are connected to Poms?(like pocket size yorkies etc...)

There are no pocket size, only small and medium sizes.

Where did your love for dogs came from?

I have been breeding since I was thirteen, so obviously I love dogs, I just could do without having a dog, why I like them so much is beyond me it just seems to be in my blood, my great great grandmother had two poms, maybe that is where I get it from..

Mildred From Silverglow Kennels
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