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The Boerboel History is very rich, the Boerboel was developed  by settlers in South Africa dating back from as far as the seventeenth century. The Boerboel's most attractive feature was his manner of protecting  against predators and tracking and holding down wounded game. There is a magnitude of stories told by farmers about their Boerboel’s courage and strength.

In today's Boerboel's its’ protective manner can still be viewed, the Boerboel is also a very calm and stable large breed. And is sought after for it’s role as protector of the family.

The origin and purpose of the Boerboel should be understood in order to preserve the unique identity and qualities of the breed as a South African developed mastiff. Be sure to when buying a Boerboel to do all your home work and find a reputable breeder who knows his Boerboel's.

The Boerboel males are very much more developed than the females of the breed. The Boerboel  is an intelligent  breed, which is trainable. The  Boerboel   is an ideal guard dog with his immense loyalty to his owners. He does however needs firm handling and training from an early age.

one of the Boerboel’s best features must be his head,with his square head on the top, and proportionally short head in comparison to the body.

The Boerboel's coat  is in all shades of red, brown,  and fawn, Also bindle, all these colour's can be with or with out a mask .A Boerboel must have good pigmentation.No other colour's or colour patterns and tan markings are acceptable.

A male Boerboel  is about 66 cm in height but can not be lower than 60 cm's, and a Female Boerboel is acceptable between 56 cm's to 61 cm's.


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