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MIJOY Yorkshire & Biewer Terriers

ALL our pups carry health guarantees

Joyce :072 234 0791   E-mail: mijoy@wam.co.za


Biewer terriers

Lenie Jooste


 0832368119 / 0781470817


Jost Kennels

Breeders of Biewers


Email: malinda.pieterse@yahoo.com



The Biewer Terrier is an an elegant longhaired toy terrier with the hair parting down the middle and hanging straight and evenly on both sides.The tail of the Biewer Terrier is curved over the body and covered with a long plume of flowing hair.

The Biewer Terrier has a lighthearted attitude and a very happy dog in general. The Biewer Terrier adapts quickly in most environments, and is stable dog who loves the company of its owners.

The Biewer Terrier ears are V-Shaped and covered in hair. The Biewer Terrier coat has a silky texture, with no undercoat. Their coat should NOT be wooly or wavy.

Permitted colour's is white-blue-gold or white-black-gold. The head should have these colour's in a symmetrical fashion, with a white throat legs belly and chest should be completely white, and the tip of the tail should be white also

The Biewer Terriers size can be up 3.6 cm's.

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Chressnika is situated on a farm in the peaceful Hennopsriver valley in the Centurion area(Pretoria).

We are registered with SACBR (MP466/2014)and Canine South Africa(2603)

We spesialize in exotic yorkshire terriers like Biewer,Biro,and also traditional yorkies.

All dogs are kept in a spacious area.

Our puppies leave at 8 weeks dewormed ,vaccinated and registered..

Contact us.Nita Meintjes 0836088663,or 0838000166
E mail