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The Affenpincher is originally from Germany. The Affenpincher is for sure a dog that makes people laugh. He is said to resemble a monkey facially, and certainly his  twinkling eyes give his expression a thoroughly mischievous glint.

The Affenpincher stands around 28 cm high and weighs around 3 - 4 kg. The Affenpincher's coat has a harsh texture and generally looks pretty untidy, so grooming is not an over-serious business.

He is game for fun and is capable of taking part in family activities as his muzzle is so exaggeratedly short  as to interfere with his breathing to any real extent. The Affenpincher is normally black all over, although a gray coloration does sometime appear. The Affenpincher is a great house companion, he is fearless and loves to confront intruders.

An Affenpincher puppy would be a great asset to any home

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