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Unlike popular sites like gumtree and junkmail we confirm all advertisers as registered breeders in the Republic of South Africa. We know that there is a lot of scams revolving the Internet regarding puppy and kitten sales.

We aim to provide the public with well known breeders as well as the new kennels. We urge all our breeders to conform to the responsible breeders pledge. A bad or good breeder is determined by his/her own conviction, if you come across one of the breeders on this website who does not have ethic breeding practices even other breeders you may have encountered, please let us know, if you don’t tell the world no one will know of them.

Buying a puppy or kitten is always a fun, but daunting task, it is just like having a baby in the house, tips on how to raise your little puppy or kitten will be implemented on this website shortly.

We love to hear about your Ideas to improve the site, or what you don’t like. I might just put a poll on the site to see if we should change or add your ideas.

We also create websites, just view our create website page to see website already created, it is a passion of ours to make website for dog lovers, it’s  a real labor of love.

Enjoy the website, I know I love to maintain it and enhance it

This site is to promote

 responsible breeders in south Africa.

All the Breeders in our galleries are confirmed as members of their respected

Breed registers.


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